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Today, we take a few steps into the world of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), a man who has had an intensely emotional impact on millions of people over the past fourteen centuries.

Without a doubt, it is not easy to understand a human being, a prophet, who has been sent as an example to the whole of humanity and to make our way easier in this world.

The fact that Prophet Muhammad has been depicted as the reason for the creation of the universe is enough to explain the difficulty of this task.

The life of no other person in the world has been recorded in so much detail as the life of Prophet Mohammed. Simply all aspects of his life his taste in food to his taste in clothing, his manner of smiling to his method of invitation and to his plain life style have been rigorously examined. His entire life, his birth to his death constitutes significant turning points in both Islamic and world histories. The correct understanding of this process, which has directly influenced the existence of Islamic society for centuries, thereby, bears important clues for reaching the gist of his message. The reality that places Prophet Muhammad at an exceptional place in the history of humanity nullifies all ordinary formulations of our thoughts. Throughout history, in almost every epoch and every society, there have been attempts to understand Prophet Muhammad  with respect to the richness the emotions and thoughts of each time and place.

Prophet Muhammad, who has been remembered in such magnificence for centuries, should be examined with a different method in an age in which knowledge can transmitted simultaneously to the remotest corners of the world. One needs an effective instrument to introduce a prophet that was sent to the whole of humanity. It is precisely this philosophy that forms our point of origin in attempting to explain the life od the Prophet through a web portal.

The web portal has been designed to serve as a bridge to the people of the modern world who have no knowledge of the Prophet or who have been misinformed. The project has been further accelerated by the events that have led to a loss for the sacred and which have shook the spiritual worlds of the Muslim believers by targeting Prophet Mohammed. Yet, the reason for the existence of this web portal is not merely defensive or a reactionary response. On the contrary, we determined that our basic principle should be “the study of Prophet Mohammed on intellectual and rational grounds.”

In addition to describing the Prophet to people who have had no former knowledge, we have also opened a window for people who already know and love him. We think that it is more valuable to convert the love of the Prophet into a conscious love and to love him with a thinking heart. We want to understand and explain why we love our Prophet, why he should be loved and what this love enables us to gain. For this reason, we have knocked on the doors of the academic world. We have carried out a meticulous survey of available literature by utilizing the theological accumulation of Turkey and its scholars with academic research on Prophet Mohammed.

In the course of this project, the question “Who is Prophet Mohammed?” has been transformed into a comprehensive answer that contains all the material and spiritual dimensions of his life, his pure morality to his names, his personality construed through the revelations to his style of clothing and nutrition. We want to perceive and to present him not only as a prophet, but also as a human being, a statesman, a grandfather, a general commander, a husband, a companion and a friend.

We have taken a few steps into the world of Prophet Mohammed. We are yet at the ning. Our dreams are not over.

Looking forward to meeting you again in new projects…

 Ayse Basaran   H. Humeyra Sahin


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