Ramadan Diaries

The Three States of Ramadan

Ramadan, the beginning of which is mercy, the middle forgiveness, and the end release from Hellfire, is a lot like the prayer with its standing, the bowing down, and the prostration.

When Ramadan came we all rolled our sleeves and got ready for worship. Just like standing at the beginning of our prayer. Every believer did this in his/her own way. Just like how everybody has his/her own way of standing in Allah’s (s.w.t) presence. At the gates of a mercy that encompasses everything, we stood hungry, thirsty, and sleepless; begging and supplicating. Ya Rabb, envelop us in your mercy!

As the days of mercy merged into the days of forgiveness, we could no longer bear the magnificence of the recitation and bowed down in the presence of the Lord of Honor. Ya Rabb, purify us with your forgiveness!

Ya Rabb, release our hearts, which have become soft with Your remembrance, like those who prostrate out of humbleness and incapacity in the face of the words that they have just recited, from all the prisons they are locked in: the prisons of the self, sins, habits, and the environment.

And as a result, let us celebrate our release during Eid, just like we celebrate the Miraj at the end of our prayer.




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