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The Perfect Moon-Faced One

The Perfect Moon-Faced One

The perfect moon-faced one appears

with perfect lips and bow-like eyebrows.

His hair is braided behind his ears

and this pure appearance of his arouses

our trust that unity will thrive

and we'll be taken to One Presence

now that we find ourselves alive

in this world that is far less dense

than that of actions was before

when one thing made another happen -

here we find an open door

that there was only rarely open.

Praising, Praise, Praiseworthy, comes

hands raised at his sides, exalting,

takes us by our hearts and runs

through the various stations vaulting

past the barriers raised inside,

lusts and greed and deep reluctance,

knocks them with a touch aside,

keeps our steps firm with insistence,

leads us up no stairs to no height

but the one raised elevation

past the deepest realms of insight

to the Next World's happy station

face to face, our moon-faced one,

faces us past all formation,

praising that One with no space, sun

moon or stars, but all creation

gone in flashes no light shines on

to the last, uncluttered, single,

breath-stopped, stable, unique vision

in which all our gazes mingle

steady now, unchanging, direct

slow and slower eyesight finished,

just a mirror set to reflect

all the states, enlarged, diminished -

one breath streaming out past life

into worlds no eyes have seen.

There we find ourselves, no strife,

but one gaze that is evergreen

light upon a top-most tip

eye to eye, the ‘'I'' now gone -

emptiness, heart's deepest sip,

one gaze gazes on and on



Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore is a Muslim poet who has published many poetry books and organized poetry reading festivals. Born in 1940 in Oakland, California his first book of poems was published in 1964. He became a Muslim in 1970 and travelled extensively around Europe and North Africa. Although he stopped writing for ten years he continues writing Islamic and spiritual poetry.



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