Ramadan Diaries

Ramadan Mobilization

During the month of Ramadan we see a dramatic increase in all acts of worship. In these blessed days prayer, charity, and preoccupation with the Quran are at their highest for many of us. This fact is also manifest in the prophetic narrations that deal with the month of Ramadan.

When Ramadan came, a noticeable change would take place in our Prophet’s (s.a.w) spiritual life. His generosity would reach its peak point on the days he would meet the angel Gabriel to recite the Quran to him. On the last ten days of Ramadan he would devote himself entirely to prayer and wake his family up in the night so that they could make the best use of these nights. He would encourage his companions to increase their worship, and he would emphasize that Ramadan is the month for the servant of God to prove himself in the race to do good. He would celebrate eid out of joy for having spent Ramadan in worship. He said that the person who lives through Ramadan without taking advantage of all the opportunities that it brings to humanity and fails to get his sins forgiven will have his nose rubbed on the ground. He gave the good news that the observance of two consecutive Ramadans will erase the sins in between.

Ramadan is a time of mobilization in servanthood to God and goodness. A mobilization in which we have to maximize the value of every moment to the point that our strength and circumstances allow.



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