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Qatar and Iran to make films about the Prophet

Iran and Qatar are bringing the life of the Prophet to cinemas around the world. Qatar-based Alnoor Holdings announced it will spend up to $1 billion for a series of epics based on the Prophet's lifestory, advised by a producer responsible for the cinematic version of the Lord of The Rings, as well as the Qatar-based Sunni scholar, Yusuf al-Qaradawi. 

Iranian director Majid Majidi began filming a different film biography of the Prophet in October. As Shia sensitivities differ from those of Sunnis, who generally abhor any depictions of the Prophet, Majidi's film will allow for the Prophet to be a character in the film, whereas the Qatari production will avoid showing the Prophet altogether, as in the 1976 film 'The Message' where the camera was portrayed as being from the Prophet's perspective.



Lghazaoui Ihssane
Lghazaoui Ihssane09.04.2013

It's a big mistake to allow a perfect creation like our beloved prophet to be a character in a movie, it will be a big Fitna in my opinion. I wish they will reconsider it.