The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The real date of the Prophet's death


Question: It is known that our Prophet's date of birth is 571 A.D. He is known to have lived for 63 years. Thus, his year of death, which is known to be 632, means that he spent less than 63 years on this earth. What is the reason for this? What is the real year of the death of Prophet Muhammad?

Answer (Theologian Nimet Yılmaz): There are different narrations about the date of the birth of our Prophet. The most widespread and accepted date is 571, a date that is commonly cited. The discrepancy between his dates of birth, death and his age are the result of different narrations, the difference between solar and lunar calendars, as well as the ancient Arab tradition of tampering with the calendar. Muhammad Hamidullah notes 569 as the Prophet's date of birth. It is quite clear that there is room for more research to be carried out about the dates pertaining to that time, as the numbers are approximations.


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