The Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The Prophet in God's Own Words

Prophet Muhammad in the Qur'an

An exclusive project of marking the occasion of the Mawlid –Prophet Muhammad’s birth – three Qaris, or reciters of the Qur’an, Hüseyin Orhan, Halil Necipoğlu, and Ibrahim Helalşah respectively recite in Arabic the Qur’anic verses describing Prophet Muhammad. The English translation of these verses is read by Andy Boyns.

The three different reciters serve to illustrate the diverse ways in which the Holy Book of Islam, the Qur’an, is expressed through recitation, using the marvel of the human voice.

While Halil Necipoğlu, Imam of Istanbul’s historic Dolmabahçe Mosque recites in a way resonant of the distinct Istanbul style, Ibrahim Halalsheh reflects the traditional Arabic elocution, and Hüseyin Orhan is a synthesis of the two.

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hayrullah ozkan
hayrullah ozkan30.04.2013

Kuran without the muhammed p.bu.him is short. as in Kuran Allah say..obey and we must find out how he lived and how he commented on the verses of he lived must be the role model for us..if this is to high of a standart as he was in connection with Allah..then we must learn abot the sahabe..chose the one who is character matches you..if uou are a quite type be like ebubekr or musab..if you are hardheaded be like ali or omer..radiallahu anhum




What an amazing recitation! The tenderness of His words for His beloved are powerfully conveyed and cannot but touch one's soul. These expressions are signs for those with perceptive hearts of how God, Most Loving, teaches us how to love and to be loved.