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The names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad

Question: It is stated in one hadith that calamities, illnesses, troubles, the evil-eye, jealousy, sorcery, fire and the collapse of residence will befall those who write, read or display on their walls the names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad. Similarly, misfortunes such as poverty, being poisoned and anxiety will not be experienced by the members of households who bear his name. How true is this?

Answer: (Theologian Nimet Yılmaz): There is no known hadith to this effect. Despite the fact that there is no religious proof to this end, the belief that a house displaying the names and attributes of the prophet will not experience a calamity or that a person who carries these on them will also remain protected has become widespread; in fact, carrying these names and attributes has become a tradition. However, as we have stated, there is no religious basis for this belief. This is nothing more than the product of social life and culture. It has come to be a reflection of love for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Belief that writing his name will function as a direct means of protection and the expectations people have from such inscriptions are not compatible with Islamic teachings. However, having said that, there is no harm in hanging expressions of love for the Messenger of Allah in one's home.


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