The Christian World Celebrates the Birth of Jesus

As with every year, the streets in cities from New York to London and from Sydney to Berlin are decked out in Christmas enthralling all who see them. The streets are illuminated, Christmas trees are decorated and the shop windows compete with each other to attract the attention of passers-by. While the Santa Clauses are ringing their sleigh bells, the capitalist economy brings this wind to the rest of the world without any geographical discrimination.

But, why are people making these preparations?

Christians are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

We, at would like to examine Christmas, a day that is considered to be the birthday of Jesus and which is celebrated as a religious holiday by Christians.

We will look for answers to questions such as:

Who was Jesus? Is there a clear date for the birth of Jesus?

When was the first celebration of his birth held?

We have listened to someone who was honored by Islam at a young age; she tells us about the doubts she feels during Christmas celebrations.

Here we go....


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