Sadreddin Özçimi

Kelime-i Tevhid (Unity of Divinity)

Durak (Stopping)

Devran (Whirling)

Cumhur İlahi (Hymn in Chorus)

Vefa Devri (Vefa Round)



Who is Sadreddin Özçimi?

Neyzen (Reed Flute Musician) Sadreddin Özçimi was born in 1955 in Konya, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul Teknik University, Faculty of Turkish Music Conservatoire, Ney (Reed Flute) department in 1979.

In 1997, he started to practice on Ebru (Turkish art of paper marbling) and worked in his own atelier called the Applied Turkish-Islamic Art Library. He is currently the president of the Konya School of Destegül Fine Arts.



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