Ramadan Diaries

Ramadan: The Celebration of Revelation

We have mentioned that fasting is a celebration. Celebrating our joy by coming closer to the angelic. What we in fact celebrate with a month of fasting is the revelation of the Quran to mankind. Quran is a redemptive rope extended from the Heavens to the Earth. No matter how rough the waters of life, it keeps those who cling to it always in security and always close to their Lord. 

Whenever we need advice from our Lord we open the Quran and find an answer. According to William Chittick, the most effective way of reading the Quran for our daily lives is to open it at random and read a passage. You will see that there is always an answer for the problems plaguing you on that day.

Needless to say, we need to be able to understand the Quran that is being read for this conversation with our Lord to take place. In the words of the Quran commentator Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, contenting oneself with translations instead of understanding the Arabic text is like looking at the picture of a beautiful rose instead of taking it into your hands, feeling its texture, and smelling it.

Scholars of the past have described the association that a Muslim has with the Quran in five stages: Qırā’atu'l-Qur'ān, Hıfzu'l-Qur'ān, Fahmu'l-Qur'ān, ‘Amalu’l-Qur'ān and Shafā’atu'l-Qur'ān... In other words, one reads it, memorizes it, understands it, acts in accordance with it, and as a result of all of these attains the intercession of the Quran.



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