Plan to set up new Zamzam water distribution center in Madinah

Jun 27,2011

JEDDAH: Water and Electricity Minister Abdullah Al-Hussayen on Sunday disclosed his ministry's plans to establish a Zamzam water distribution project near the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.

"Tenders to implement the project will be opened within two weeks," he said after opening the automatic Zamzam water distribution system and the central warehouse here on Sunday.

The distribution system is part of an SR700 million King Abdullah Zamzam Water Project.

Speaking to reporters after the inaugural ceremony, the minister said 42 outlets have been set up for the distribution of the holy water daily, adding that it would meet the requirements of pilgrims who come for both Haj and Umrah.

"The Zamzam water bottles are taken directly from the bottling factory to the main warehouse that can accommodate 1.5 million bottles. Later they are supplied automatically to the distribution centers," Al-Hussayen said.

He said revenues from the endowment project would be used for the development of the service. "We'll make sure that all Zamzam water bottles are filled and closed in a hygienic manner." The distribution outlets will work 24 hours daily and seven days a week.

"We have set up a special area for wrapping Zamzam water cans and bottles for pilgrims to carry them safely while traveling to their home countries by plane," the minister said.

(Arab News)



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