Last Sermon delivered to all fifty US states

An American man has set out to recite the Adhan and deliver the Last Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in all fifty US states.

Jameel Syed, 40, of Auburn Hills, Michigan, is a trained muezzin. His efforts aim to combat the negative media portrayals of Islam and present a positive, affirming image of who Muslims are, while at the same time helping young Muslims to connect with their faith.

However, he draws his fundamental inspiration from the Prophet. "There is one objective above and beyond anything else, and that is to basically praise my own hero in life, and that is Prophet Mohammed," Syed told the Detroit Free Press. "I want to praise him. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from him, and millions of others have."

The 35-day journey began on April 3 and will conclude on May 8 at the Rochester Hills Mosque. The entire trip will be reported on social media. For more information visit:



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