Last Prophet Publishes 'Life of Muhammad' Audiobook


Last Prophet is pleased to announce the publication release of the audiobook of the "Life of Muhammad", Sal Allahu alayhi wa Salaam (Peace and Blessings be upon him). This book has been produced by a team of researchers and artists working together at the Meridyen Association offices here in Uskudar, Istanbul. Written by Casim Avcı and voiced by professional voiceover artist Andy Boyns, with editing done by Nergihan Yeşilyurt. We hope this serves as both an introduction to the Prophet for those who don't know him well as well as a reminder and inspiration for those who already know and love him. May Allah bless all of their efforts.

"The Life of Muhammad (pbuh)" Audio Book

Produced by

Casim Avcı, Assoc. Prof.

Fatma Ekinci

Fulya Vatansever
Yunus Emre Kaya

Andy Boyns

Nergihan Yeşilyurt


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