How to portray Prophet Muhammad to the West?


In addition to the various contexts that the question of “how to portray Prophet Muhammad” has acquired throughout the historical process, the question of transforming it into “how to portray Prophet Muhammad to the West” has taken on a new importance.

However, when the issues that are prevalent in the modern world are taken into account, the open discussion of how to answer this question in a comprehensive manner appears to be almost impossible. 

If we take into account the anti-Islamic perception and the campaigns that have clearly emerged from the West after the incidents of September 11 and the Danish caricature, the urgent need of action in this matter becomes even more apparent. 

In view of this, the Meridyen Association began the project of with the ideal of introducing and discussing Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to the modern world in the best and most accurate manner possible.  

From the formation of the site, the web portal has been an organization that has focused on matters with an international perspective; as part of this, a roundtable meeting was organized in order to present solutions to the universal issues in question, with both international and local individuals who are concerned with the topic being brought together. Dr. Kenan Gürsoy, Ambassador of Turkey to the Vatican was the main speaker at the event where Dr. Tahsin Görgün was the moderator. Dr. Jonathan Brown from Washington University, Ahmed Vincenzo from Italy and many Turkish academicians were present at the meeting.  

Here we present you with a summary of the topics that were discussed and the proposals that were presented at the meeting.  

Please click to download the booklet.



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