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How do you spend your time in front of the computer?

Years ago, we would have asked ourselves a different question, wouldn't we? How much time do you spend in front of the television? That "magic box" invaded our entire life, taking over the pleasant conversations of the family gathering, taking us on adventures, taking us to countries we had never been, introducing us to people we never met. With no shield to protect us, we learned new things, both good and bad. In fact, we became convinced that the television was a beneficial means of information. Yes, we were familiar with Scandinavia, as if we had traveled there ourselves; we knew the streets of Jakarta as if we had lived there. We were acquainted with the meager African dinners as if we had shared our food with them. It is impossible to know to what extent this information became conscious or what good it did us; but it is clear that we lost something that was irreplaceable. However, we no longer even inquire about what we have lost or gained in the time we spend in front of the television.

Now another question is running around in our heads. How do we spend our time in front of the computer? Suddenly we are aware that we have gone down a path from which there is no return, and we start to ask this question. In fact, we long for the television. There are even those who sigh, "At least, if nothing else, we watched a film together as a family; we watched the football with our friends." There is the realization that the television was actually something we enjoyed with other people.

Now we are alone. We have set out on a solitary journey in front of the computer. We wander around the globe, not even in need of a visa. Who knows how many world tours we do each day? While the internet was still not widely used a newspaper journalist wrote that thanks to the internet we could enter the library at the White House. As high school students we were excited, overjoyed at having found a sea of information for our homework. If I am not mistaken, there is no library, no museum left in the world that I have not entered, thanks to the internet. We have to give the internet its due, because while writing these lines, I got a letter from a friend living in New York. That letter may well have appeared on my screen before my friend had taken her hand off the enter button. In such a situation only an ingrate would not consider this wonderful opportunity to be a blessing. But the important thing here is how we use this blessing. We have to determine the limits of our relationship with the internet. Today, when the computer has become a mill that grinds our time it is necessary that not only those of us who are involved in broadcasting on the internet heed this warning; we must all be careful.

The internet should not take the place of that ancient information tool, the book, or the oldest form of communication, speech; nor should it occupy the throne of conversation. The internet should be a bridge to libraries, a conscious radar that keeps alive what is going on in the world in our brains, and, finally, it should be used in moderation.

This awareness determines the publishing principles of, and we call to those who share this awareness. You can find every detail of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s life on this website. However, we can only give you a taste of the delicacies that await you in books. We know that you will find a veritable feast there; in fact, we consider ourselves to be nothing more than a bridge to books. We want to be aware, and to help you to be aware, once more of the books that are being printed today, the ones that came out yesterday; in fact, those that have been gathering dust on our shelves for years. With the touch of a button we present to you a corner in which you can find thousands of books, the key to the world of literature. We want to contribute, even act as an archives, helping you to find articles, theses and books in a variety of languages, ranging from Italian to Persian, from Arabic to Spanish, all concerned with Prophet Muhammad.

We would like to be a partner in helping you become better acquainted with the world that lies behind the door crowned by the name of Prophet Muhammad, a partner on our agenda; here at you can make an appointment with that which should act as a guide in all our lives, listen to a beautiful recitation of the book of life for half an hour a day; here you can listen to the Qur'an.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life you can meet with the Companions, people who carried out their daily lives much like us, but with the difference that they were able to see and speak with the Prophet; you can fill you solitary hours in front of the computer with their lives.

Here you can measure your own time against that of history.

Without taking anything away from the prayer that one day you will be able to go to Mecca and Medina yourselves, you can enjoy the melodies of love for Prophet Muhammad, which cannot be found in any other place.

And most importantly of all, you can visit the constantly updated section that is concerned with Prophet Muhammad and what happens in connection with him around the world every day.

In short, you can find everything here concerned with "human beings' who are in need of knowing the Best Example in the Universe.

What we desire is that this site act as a safe haven where you can take a break from that solitary journey you set out on everyday.



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