Condemnation and a Call for Restraint


The last century in particular has been witness to systemic smear campaigns against Islam and the values which Islam holds sacred. Such attacks, stemming from the West, entered a new realm with the cartoon crisis which erupted in 2006. Muslims were insulted and hurt by such atrocious attacks which targeted their sacred values.

The movie, Innocence of Muslims, which was recently released, has been the latest in this chain of systemic attacks. In addition to the rightful backlash demonstrated in the face of this movie in Muslim lands, there were also protests which exceeded the boundaries clearly drawn by Islam.

The wave or reaction evoked by this movie, which we as Muslims have comdenmed and which is based entirely on insubstantial allegations, insults and fallacy, has brought about justified reactions. Here, what falls upon the Islamic world is to demonstrate the harshest of reactions to these reprehensible attributions, but to maintain, when doing so, the methods that have been set forth by Islam. In the cartoon crisis of 2006, Muslims, through the excessive responses they displayed, were relegated to being the side in the wrong when in fact they were in the right.

Members of the Islamic world should not remain silent to this last chain of the smear campaign against Islam; they must, as much as is possible, utilize all vehicles of mass communication, print and broadcasting, to voice their reaction.



Syed Hussain
Syed Hussain24.01.2013

This is the need of the hour-to tell our our brothers in faith that by mindless protests, causing problems to the general public,destroying public property etc, we are doing no good to our religion. In showing our anger and displeasure, we cannot forget the rules laid down by our great religion.
When we are on the right side and we show that we are on the right side, humanity cannot turn a blind eye towards Islam.
The love that we have for our religion should not be shown in a negative way by our actions. If Islamic code is followed in every walk of life, including such a situation, I think, all our problems will be solved with minimal efforts.



Sonal Aneel
Sonal Aneel22.09.2012

I am pained by the anti-Islam movie and the false depiction of the beloved Prophet in a French magazine. One cannot emphasize enough the need to respect all religions and the holy men & women of God, be it Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Prophet Muhammad and his wife Lady Khadija and the countless men and women who have lived and spread their message of love, unity and forgiveness. Freedom of speech and expression cannot be used as an excuse to insult a faith or harm another’s honour and integrity. Freedom is never at the expense of another.

May the small minded people who have done this and incited violence all over the world realize their mistake. May Muslims realize that violence is not the way to respond to the West.

It is time for believers to come together peacefully and make it clear to the world that such disrespect for any religion or holy person is unacceptable. It is time for intellectuals and spiritual leaders to get down on debates and stress on peace and unity.

As a Muslim, I take solace in the Quranic verse revealed to the Prophet, "Mocked were (many) Messengers before you; but their scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked [6: Anam-10]".

Surely God will protect and deliver His own. I trust the Divine high above!



Asad Shah
Asad Shah17.09.2012

I second the editors here. These ignorant and frivoluous individuals should be brought to justice and the real face of Islam should be shown, rather than killing innocent people.