Animated Sirah Series From Iran

An animated film, “The Last Messenger”, produced by the Dalvand brothers, narrates the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The animation has been produced for Sahar, an international Iranian TV channel.

The story of “The Last Messenger” is narrated by the Iranian companion of Prophet, Salman al-Farsi. He was the first Companion to translate the Quran into Persian in the 7th century.

The screenplay was written by Kurosh Barzegar, based on the book “Luster of Eternity” penned by Jafar Sobhani. It has been produced by the Dalvand brothers animation team, which previously produced animated series on Iranian heroes such as the classical warrior, Rustom.

It begins before the Prophet's birth, during what is known as the 'Age of Ignorance' (jahilliya) and continues through the Prophet's life until the passing of the Prophet. Currently at 26 episodes of 22 minutes each, the series runs 572 minutes long.



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