Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo

Ahmad Vincenzo was born in Naples in 1961 and chose to enter Islam in the presence of Sheikh Abdul Wahid Pallavicini in 1990 after a journey of long and in-depth religious research. Vincenzo, who is considered to be a leading representative of Italian Muslims, lives in Milan and is one of the founders of the Intellettuali Musulmani Italiani (Italian Muslim Intellectuals). Vincenzo continues to give lessons at  Frederico 2nd University in Naples. Vincenzo's book Il Libro Disceso Dal Cielo, which was translated into Turkish as  "Yesrib'de Bahar" (Spring in Yathrib) describes the life of Prophet Muhammad in literary language; the book has also been translated into German under the title Das buch das vom Himmel kam. Vincenzo has also published another work entitled Islam, l'atra civilita (Islam, the other civilization).