A Project that Enlightens History / Interviews / Zeynep Alp

Founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization, Professor Salim T. S. Al-Hassani, discusses the 1001 Inventions global educational initiative promoting awareness of a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements of Muslim civilisation.

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The Message of Prophet Muhammad to the 21st Century / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

I would say that it would be very interesting and important to try to relate the message of Prophet Muhammad to contemporary times. Today’s contemporary man is in search of the values: what are the values in life? In that sense, the hadith of the Prophet can serve as a very important source of inspiration.

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21st Century will be the century of Spiritual Revolution / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

Record this very well: we said on the 28th of Ramadan 1431, on the 6th of September 2010, that the 21st century will witness a spiritual revolution in the world, and Islam is going to be the avant-garde for this spiritual revolution.

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The Prophet should be introduced to the world as the 'preeminent exemplar of uncorroded humanity' / Interviews / Ahsen Utku / Şerif Eskin

The fitra, the underlying nature of human beings, can’t be entirely suffocated, and there is, I think, an increasing number of people who are looking not just for a set of values that enables them to live a more natural and more humble life, but also for an actual role model, a human exemplar whom they can practically strive to emulate.

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Between Integration and Segregation: Interview with Lord Ahmed / Interviews / Ahsen Utku - Zeynep Alp

Lord Nazir Ahmed, member of the House of Lords, the first Muslim life peer of the United Kingdom is known for his political activities related to the Islamic community both in the UK and abroad as well as being a member of the Labour Party until 2009. Born in 1958 in Mirpur..

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Jonathan Brown on Being Inspired by Prophet Muhammad / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

"There isn't always one rule that you can apply to your life that will tell you how to act. You have to be able to read the situation and act in the best way. The Prophet knew how to do that; that is inspirational. I think that is the most important thing."

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Putting things in Perspective: Rereading the Prophet’s Life / Interviews / Zeynep Alp

Jamal A. Badawi is an Egyptian born Muslim Canadian and former professor in the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is a well-known author, activist, scholar and speaker on Islam and Muslims. He discusses the importance of a careful,, analytical study of the Prophet's life for Muslims in today's world and the world at large.

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Vincenzo: Being a Muslim in the Middle of Europe / Interviews /

Ahmad Vincenzo, who is considered to be a leading representative of Italian Muslims, lives in Milan and is one of the founders of theIntellettuali Musulmani Italiani (Italian Muslim Intellectuals). Vincenzo's book "Il Libro Disceso Dal Cielo", which was translated into Turkish as "Spring in Yathrib" describes the life of Prophet Muhammad in literary language.

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Robert Hefner: The debate is over and Huntington has lost / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

"Turkey is a very fertile mixture of civilizations," says Robert W. Hefner, professor of anthropology and director of the Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs (CURA) at Boston University. Even though visiting İstanbul and Ankara for the first time, Hefner has already been working several research projects on Turkey and has worked in Muslim majority countries for more then thirty years.

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'We Should Just Be Ourselves' / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

Islamic Studies professor Is-haq Oloyede, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, discusses shortcomings in the Islamic world today, responsibilities of Islamic organizations to the non-Islamic world as well as the Islamic world.

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