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Nothing So Small as Neutrino or Gravitino

Nothing so small as neutrino or gravitino,

less than a tiny click in a space less than the

size of a mote

        or even the shadow of a mote,

nor so large as the largest galactic cluster

        of scattering debris,

nor the mass and tilted swirl of the whole

   universe milk it all swims in

fails to call out your name, Muhammad,

by the mere fact of its being.

For "There is no god but Allah" is the single

uttermost Essence untainted by any

       shadow or substance

   of atomic grime or even the

          slightest tick of the time-clock

running down,

and "Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"

is the creation from that first breath

     of spirit, that first

          clutch of light that

had breathed into it: Be Muhammad!


Starting the spin-out of oceanic matter, in

     whirlpool bang that is

        inside-out still more slowly

   stretching to the limits of

                  Limit itself,

out and out to the greatest height and depth and width

like the spindly Lote Tree of the furthest

      limit of matter

reaching to the ultimate branch-tip,

           root-tip, edge and lip of

silhouette latticework spider web nebula and wisp

of stars and starlight shooting through wave after wave of

                   silent darkness

both alive and dead, both blue and red,

and behind that darkness, Black Holes or space pits

funneling matter and anti-matter into

        somewhere unknown,

    tight in its entrapment of radiance,

        Venus flytrap of light

     that lets none out -

nowhere, no side pocket,

lung, eye-socket, drain or


silence or shout

that does not call out

the syllables of your name:



praised one,

existence's Messenger

from the One True Existent:




Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore is a Muslim poet who has published many poetry books and organized poetry reading festivals. Born in 1940 in Oakland, California his first book of poems was published in 1964. He became a Muslim in 1970 and travelled extensively around Europe and North Africa. Although he stopped writing for ten years he continues writing Islamic and spiritual poetry.



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