19.12.2016, Monday

A Majidi Movie under the Shadow of Discussions

Arts & Culture / Cinema / Turgay Bakırtaş

The Iranian director Majid Majidi’s long-awaited latest movie “Muhammad: The Messenger of God” was released on October 28. ...

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Majidi's Portrayal of the Prophet and Its Analysis from a Historical Perspective

Arts & Culture / Cinema / Asst. Prof. Fatımatüz Zehra Kamacı

Fourteen centuries have passed over the divine call of the last prophet, Muhammad Mustapha (pbuh) - the call that had started in Mecca and invited people to unite around the common ground of monotheism...

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The Animals and the Ark

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Ahmed Shawqi / Joe Bradford

Animal Fables from Ahmed Shawqi...

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The Fox Came Out One Day

Arts & Culture / Poetry / Ahmed Shaqwi / Joe Bradford

Animal Fables from Ahmed Shawqi...

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Hui Legends of The Companions of the Prophet

Arts & Culture / History / Anthony Garnaut, PhD

Where do the Hui Muslims of...

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Mawlid Ceremonies in the Ottoman Empire

Arts & Culture / History / Mehmet Şeker, PhD

There is no definite information about how the ceremonies that were organized to celebrate Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s birthday, or Mawlid, which is generally accepted as falling on 12 Rabia Awal, started in the official Ottoman protocol.

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Smile - A Sunnah and a Way of Life

Arts & Culture / Arts / Aisha Stacey

Islam was designed by the Creator to be the perfect way of life for humankind thus sometimes the smallest of things can have a big impact

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The Prophet's Mosque │ Masjid Al-Nabawi

Arts & Culture / Architecture / Hilal Kazan, PhD

When the Prophet emigrated from Makka to Madina, one of the first things he did was to construct a mosque there. One of the first buildings ever constructed by the Prophet himself, the Mosque of the Prophet was always at the center of all the Prophet’s activities in Madina.

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Muhammad: The First and the Last Prophet

Arts & Culture / Sufism / Nuran Döner

Without a doubt everything has been created from the secret treasure / For the sea of love rose and moved with the winds of love. Aziz Mahmud Hudayi.

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First Poems of Praise for Prophet Muhammad

Arts & Culture / Litterature / Mücteba Uğur, PhD

At the heart of a human being’s circle of love lies the love of Allah, which makes one grow into a mature, dignified, proud and complete being; every kind of beauty stems from it. After love of Allah comes love of His Messenger.

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