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Heraclius Questions Muhammad's Prophethood

How to determine prophethood...

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30 - Letters of Invitation to Islam

Prophet Muhammad sent these letters with the purpose of conveying the message of Islam to many tribal leaders and sometimes even to individuals living in various parts of the Arabian Peninsula.

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36 - The Tabuk Campaign

In the ninth year after the Emigration (630 AD), news reached Madina that Byzantine Emperor Heraclius had begun preparations for war against the Muslims, gaining the support of allied Arab Christian tribes such as the Banu Lakhm, Djudham, ‘Amila and the Ghassan.

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From A Bedouin Tent to the Byzantine Throne

At a time when Arabia was sitting content with an obscure fate, before the advent of Islam, at a time when the isolated and barren deserts were buried in centuries of isolation, immediately above this region a struggle was taking place that was to...

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