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Heraclius Questions Muhammad's Prophethood

How to determine prophethood...

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Arabia in the Pre-Islamic Period

Life of Muhammad / Pre-Islamic Arabia / Nihal Şahin Utku, PhD

To understand the religion that Prophet Muhammad conveyed and the effects that this religion had on society, it is necessary to understand in part the ethnic, geographic, social, cultural, economic and religious features of the environment in which Prophet Muhammad lived.

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32 - The Battle of Mu'ta

Mu’ta is located to the south of Lake Galilee, 50 kilometers from the city of Jerusalem. At the beginning of the eighth year after the Emigration (629 AD), Prophet Muhammad sent Harith ibn 'Umayr with a letter of invitation to Islam to the provincial governor of Busra, under the Byzantine Empire.

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36 - The Tabuk Campaign

In the ninth year after the Emigration (630 AD), news reached Madina that Byzantine Emperor Heraclius had begun preparations for war against the Muslims, gaining the support of allied Arab Christian tribes such as the Banu Lakhm, Djudham, ‘Amila and the Ghassan.

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Conquest: An Invitation to Hearts

The date is still the first year of Umar's caliphate. Arabia, a place that had known no ruler, has become unified by Islam; the hearts and minds are open to the reality of Islam. Arabia now turns to the world geography to...

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