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Do We Like Advice?

Do you like giving advice? Or being given advice? What is the role of advice in today’s human relationships? New generation pedagogues...

read more 26.01.2017, Thursday

Don't Be Angry; Enter Paradise!

Anger is a natural, universal and intuitive emotion that human beings have been given as a means of self-defense against threats. When expressed in a healthy fashion, anger can display productive and protective results, yet its uncontrolled use leads to destruction.

read more 06.09.2013, Friday

The Prophet's Behavior in Regard to its Bindingness

Muhammad / The Sunna / Hayrettin Karaman, PhD

If all of Prophet Muhammad’s words, actions and attitudes are based on revelation, then it must be said that they are binding. On the contrary, if a part of his behavior comes from his human nature or is based on opinion and ijtihad (independent reasoning), then his behavior should be examined and categorized.

read more 05.03.2010, Friday