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Medina: The City Renewed by Emigration

Following a gloomy Maghrib prayer, the congregation leaves the Prophet's Mosque; all are silent. The congregation has shrunk in size; familiar faces have been replaced with faces that are now strangers through a loss of trust.

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What the Emigration Demands of Us / Essays / Ekrem Demirli

The Hijra, or Emigration, which includes certain preconditions, is a moral duty and responsibility for every individual. Prophet Muhammad placed the Hijra in the minds and hearts of the Islamic community with a hadith that expresses two basic interconnected matters.

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Cable cars to visit historic caves of Hira and Thawr

The Hajj and 'Umra Research Institute at Umm Al-Qura University has completed studies to introduce a cable car system to transport people to the historic caves of Hira and Al-Thawr in Makka.

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11 - Emigration to Abyssinia

As Islam gradually spread in Makka, the attitudes of the Makkan polytheists towards the Muslims became even harsher and their verbal opposition was now joined with physical intervention.

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17 - The Emigration (Hijra)

After the second Aqabah pledge to Prophet Muhammad, he gave permission to his companions to emigrate (hijrah) to Yathrib.

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18 - First Activities in Madina

The Emigration constitutes a very important event which allowed Prophet Muhammad to fulfill his duties of Prophethood under more auspicious conditions and which enabled the spread of Islam.

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The Hijra: Movement of God's People / Essays / Omid Safi

The Islamic calendar does not begin with the year of Muhammad's birth (as the Christian calendar begins with the birth of Christ), nor does it begin with the commencement of revelation to Muhammad. Rather, it begins with this purposeful move of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to what became known as Medina.

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Dihya Bin Khalifa al Kalbi

The Companions / The Companions / Adem Apak, PhD

There is not enough information about the post hijra life of Dihya bin Khalifa (r.a.), who is originally from Southern Arabia and later made a home for himself around the region of Damascus as member of the Kalb tribe. What is known however.. 

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A different perspective on the Mawlid

The entry of the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into this world has been present to humanity by way of constant pushing of the boundaries of literature; many literary pens have competed with one another in order to turn their ink into lines..

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Migration: the moment when time became steeped

Abu Musa Al Ashari had just been assigned as the governor of Basra, however, Caliph Omar (pbuh) had requested that the inlands of Iran become penetrated, so the new governor had set out an expedition without much time to settle down.

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