Did our Prophet wear different clothing when he went to bed? Did he wear nightwear? Or did he sleep in the clothing he wore during the day? Could you please give us information about this matter based on a reliable source? Meral Günel – Theologian

The sections of the books of Shamail (description of the Prophet) that deal with what the Messenger of Allah wore are mostly concerned with his general principals of clothing, such as his taste and preferences. There is a narration that indicates he wore different clothing to bed - what we would call pajamas. There is a narration that he would frequently visit a female doctor, Shifa bin Abdullah, who was also his relative; he would generally take a mid-day rest at her residence, and this prompted her to provide him with a special bed and pajamas. These items of clothing, which Shifa (p.b.u.h.) passed on to her son, were purchased by the governor of Medina, Maryan bin Hakem and transferred into state property; what happened to them after this is unknown. (Please see, Shamail by Professor Ali Yardım).
It is also noted in Muhammed Hamidullah's book "Islam Peygamberi" (The Prophet of Islam) that our Prophet had a separate outfit he wore at night and he would remove the clothing he wore all day before going to sleep, hanging it on the wall of his home. (vol. II, pg. 1077).