The real date of the Prophet's death

Image What is the real year of the death of Prophet Muhammad?

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How the Prophet related to his wives

ImageHow was the relationship between the Prophet and his wives?

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The names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad

ImageIt is stated in one hadith that calamities, illnesses, troubles, the evil-eye, jealousy, sorcery, fire and the collapse of residence will befall those who write, read or display on their walls the names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad. How true is this?

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The Prophet's Funeral

ImageWho led the Prophet’s funeral prayer?

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To Accept the Former Prophets

ImageThe Holy Prophet is the last prophet. But what does it mean to accept that the former prophets also brought Islam to their tribes?

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Could There Be a "Sirah Diary"?

ImageIs it possible to prepare a diary-like book based on the chronological order of events in the Prophet’s life? Could there be a ‘sirah diary’ in which his life can be followed day to day?

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Abu Hurairah: From Servant of the Sun to Servant of Allah

In history Abu Hurairah is known by his sobriquets. He is one of those people whose nicknames come to mind before their real names. He had two given names, used at different times: “Servant of the Sun” and “Servant of Allah”.

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Prophet Muhammad's Relationships with the People of the Book

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Ahmet Yücel, PhD

Other than the few hadiths mentioned in the Meccan period, Prophet Muhammad had no relationship with the People of the Book at this time. Prophet Muhammad's relationships with the People of the Book generally occurred during the Medinan period.

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Muhammad as a Ruler Prophet

The extraordinary success of the Prophet as the leader of a movement which had worldwide implications can be explained by two aspects, one spiritual, the other material.

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Treaties between the Prophet and the Idol Worshippers

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Social Life / Mehmet Ali Kapar, PhD

During his conveyance of Islam, Prophet Muhammed made contact with members of various religions. Due to the fact that Islam is a religion of peace, the Prophet preferred the way of agreement in inviting peoples to Islam.

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