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Sources that relate the names of Prophet Muhammad

ImageCan you give us some information about the sources that relate the names of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

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The names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad

ImageIt is stated in one hadith that calamities, illnesses, troubles, the evil-eye, jealousy, sorcery, fire and the collapse of residence will befall those who write, read or display on their walls the names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad. How true is this?

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Muhammad as a Model of Virtue

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Ayse Sıdıka Oktay, PhD

Our Prophet's being an example of virtue necessitates his being a model for living and applying moral values. By personally living these values as a human being and by demonstrating them in a tangible way, he became a model for us.

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The Ideal Human Type in a Society of Ignorance: Muhammad Al-Amin

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Ali Murat Daryal, PhD

After Prophet Muhammad became an active member of the society where he passed his childhood, he began to be uncertain about everything in the society. These doubts prevented him from accepting all the customs and behavior in that society which had been passed down from generation to generation and applying them in his own life.

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The Sunna as the Basis of Islamic Ethical Teaching

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Kemal Sandıkçı, PhD

Islamic morality is aimed at the individual forming a just and honest personality in general and a “Muslim identity” in particular. The only guide to this morality is the life of Prophet Muhammad. It is an undeniable fact that the sunnah (practices) of Prophet Muhammad is an important factor in forming such a Muslim identity.

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Religious Practices of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / İbrahim Bayraktar, PhD

Even though the basis of piety is faith, the presence of faith within the heart can only be solidified by acts of religious practices. Man was essentially created to worship Allah. As is known, another source of Islamic ruling is the religious practices of Prophet Muhammad.

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Servitude of Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / İhsan Ali Karamanlı, PhD

Prophet Muhammad performed his religious acts in the most perfect manner and taught people how to perform these acts. When we look at the Holy Quran in terms of the religious acts and worship of Prophet Muhammad, we find the following issues...

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The Prophet : Not Offending and Not Being Offended

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / H. Kamil Yılmaz, PhD

The Quran refers to the kindness of Prophet Muhammad towards all creatures and his compassion and grace for humans: "There had come unto you a Messenger, one of yourselves, unto whom whatever that you are overburdened is grievous, full of concern for you, for the believers full of pity, merciful."

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Was Muhammad Illiterate?

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Muhammed Raşid, PhD

Muhammad was born in the full light of day and the biography of no other prophet is based upon so much historical evidence as that of the Prophet of Islam. We can not, therefore, establish whether the Prophet was literate or illiterate without the support of history. There has been no dearth of scholars, even in the West, who have reached the conclusion that the Prophet did not know how to read and write.

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The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / The Person / Ali Yardım, PhD

The Arabic word shamail is the plural form of shimal, a word that acts as a root for words of many different meanings, some which are even antonymous. Some of these meanings are temper, nature, character, mood and action, behavior and attitude.

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