09.09.2016, Friday

Infographic: The Sacrifice in Islam

The main difference between sacrifice and slaughtering an animal for its meat and skin is...

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Tariq Ramadan, professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies...

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International Seerah Symposium

From April 9th to 12th Meridyen Association and hosted...

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6th Hadith and Seerah Studies Award Ceremony

The 6th Annual Hadith and Seerah Studies Award Ceremony took place...

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Rihla 2013: Konya

The 2013 Rihla was held in Konya, Turkey. LastProphet visited and offers some brief reflections...

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Omid Safi visits Meridyen Association in Uskudar

Professor Omid Safi talked about his love for Turkey and Istanbul in particular, which he has been visiting for more than 20 years, and about the condition of the Muslim community in America; the beloved city of the Prophet, Madinah; and how we might reconcile the rational and mystical traditions within Islam, citing the famous Turkish Sufi poet, Yunus Emre, who said: “A bird can only fly with both wings.”

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Last Prophet Publishes 'Life of Muhammad' Audiobook

Last Prophet is pleased to announce the publication release of the audiobook of the "Life of Muhammad", Sal Allahu alayhi wa Salaam (Peace and Blessings be upon him). This book has been produced by a team of researchers and artists working together at the Meridyen Association offices here in Uskudar, Istanbul.

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Recitation of Qur'anic Verses describing the Prophet Muhammad presents the Qur’anic recitation of Hafız (a title given to one who has memorized the entire Qur’an) Hüseyin Orhan at the 2010 Hadith and Sirah Research Awards.

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Glossary of Islamic Terms / Activities / Edited by

This glossary of Islamic terms aims to assist the readers of, as well as readers of any Islamic text, in understanding the definitions of certain foreign terms whose English cognates may or may not convey the true meaning found in the original languages that employ them.

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