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Islamophobia in Italy II

A fear of “others” is not exceptional in modern nations. Although this was not the case in the past, in recent times it has become a widespread problem. The Mediterranean area has been perceived as a place of common identity for centuries.

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I Left My Heart in Sarajevo

I have dreamt of visiting Sarajevo since my childhood. I remember the crushing feeling of helplessness as I watched the Mostar Bridge collapse. The grey pictures of war had been carved in my memory forever.

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Over-consumption and the New Ummah

The hubbub of the city during the week preceding the month of Ramadan never ceases to leave butterflies in one's stomach as the anticipation nears of an entire month of abstaning food and drink, back-biting and cynicism, intercourse, cigarettes and anything pertaining to the animal desires, dawn until dusk

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In the House of Islamophobia

Islamophobia has spread throughout Italy. In 2007, the Northern League started an extensive campaing against Islam. Pigs were lead over areas in which mosques were to be built. Molotov coctails were launched during Islamic activities.      

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Responsibilities for the Islamic Community

The meeting with the Turkish scholars was very interesting many points of view. A group of Muslim intellectuals debating about Prophet Muhammad and the image of Islam in the West is something special today.

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African American perception of the Last Prophet

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As an African American Muslim woman, I have always been conscious about the difference between how I have come to view Islam as opposed to others who have come other cultural traditions. 

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American Muslim Women: Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender Within the Ummah- A Review

Lastprophet.info / Writers' Articles / Adilah S. Muhammad

The concept of Muslim brotherhood and sisterhood is one that rests in the collective consciousness of Muslims the world over.  In theory, this unity is perceived as a natural and logical by-product of the fundamental Islamic concept of Tawhid (belief in the Oneness and indivisibility of Allah).

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The New Villains of Hollywood

After the Danish Cartoon crisis in 2005 many right wing and Islamophobic campaigns started to rear their ugly heads. Attacks on mosques, the minaret ban in Switzerland, the recent face-veil/burqa bans in Italy and Belgium and the fact that other places..

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Superman, Batman, X-Men... There is probably no one in the world who hasn't heard of these superheroes. While watching them, we may admire such heroes, who have, in some way, shape or form, been a part of our lives, regardless of how culturally or religiously undesirable they may have been.

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Being a part of an Umma

What is the feeling that makes one feel part of the Muslim ummah? What brings about this feeling, a feeling which eliminates excludes all unnecessary attachments and makes one feel a part of a whole, leaving all appendages such as race, culture, income, etc. irrelevant?

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