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Love Knows No Command

Say: "If you indeed love God, then follow me, so that God will love you…”

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Are You a Shadow or Body?

“Regenerating the Sunna” referes to not imitating the Sunna, but realizing it, bringing it to fruition, actualizing it. The concept implies not merely remembering the actions of Prophet Muhammad, but living and experiencing those behaviors in the here and now.

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Senai Demirci

Senai Demirci was born in 1964, in Turkey's Black Sea city of Samsun. He graduated from Marmara University’s Faculty of Medicine in 1990. Beginning his life as a writer while still a student, Demirci continues to pursue this passion as the author of almost thirty works. He also continues his educational endeavors at the Dr. Senai Demirci Research and Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Senai Demirci Early Childhood Education Centre, both which he founded. Concurrently the producer and presenter of several radio and television programs, Senai Demirci is also a frequent contributor to

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