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If You Don't Like the Mawlid, Watch Out!

The birthday of the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, is a great blessing for our community and, indeed, for all believers.

read more 10.01.2014, Friday

Hamza Yusuf on the Hajj of Community

The Hajj is our sacred journey and it allows us to gather in spiritual community

read more 09.10.2013, Wednesday

From Hamza Yusuf’s Viewpoint: What can the West learn from Islam?

Hamza Yusuf calls attention to the prejudices of the Western world against Islam, as well as the attitude of Muslims towards the West, both of which appear to be biased. 

read more 04.07.2013, Thursday

Description of the Prophet Muhammad

Love (mahabba) for people arises from three characteristics. To increase and maintain his love for the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, Hasan (the Prophet's grandson) sought descriptions of all three of these aspects of the Prophet because he wanted something to hold on to.

read more 05.07.2011, Tuesday

When the Social Contract is Breached in Egypt

Something has irreversibly changed in the land of the Pharaohs. It has to do with the basic social contract, the relationship of a people to their leaders—a concept not alien to the Islamic tradition. The oppression that the Egyptian..

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Fear of Poverty

Fear of poverty originates in having a bad opinion of [God] the Exalted, and its cure is in having a good opinion and knowing that what God possesses is never diminished in the least and that what has been apportioned to you will reach you inevitably.

read more 05.01.2011, Wednesday