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Calendar of 3 Holy Months - 2021

Calendar of 3 Holy Months - 2021

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The candles of Al-Quds

In his hadith book Sunan, Abu Dawud relates from Maymunah, the freed bondmaid of the Messenger of Allah (saw)...

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In the Footsteps of Prophet Abraham - Afroz Ali

The Station of Ibrahim is a Sign, for those who wish to reflect, and a Reminder, for those who wish to remember

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(Let Me Call) My Lord On Thee

This song, sung by Nader Khan, is the English translation of a poem written by Yunus Emre (1240-1320), one of the most famous Sufi poets who has made a great impact on the Turkish-Muslim culture. This poem is at essence an entreaty to God, by means of the intercession of those things and people that are deemed to be close to God Almighty.

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Exploring the Truth within Cinema

The ummah of Prophet Muhammad keeps their desire for seeing him until the next world, and shuns any attempts to imprison him in the shallowness of an image; this being the case, we were curious how he had been represented in film. Here we go...

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