From the Editor

The candles of Al-Quds

In his hadith book Sunan, Abu Dawud relates from Maymunah, the freed...

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A.Ali Ural

Umar: The Man Satan Feared

Tradition and stubbornness tied his hands. Five years passed before these...

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Abdal Hakim Murad

Discussions on Ashura and the Prophet's Family

LastProphet.info offers some videos and links to discussion on Ashura, the...

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Ahmad Gianpiero Vincenzo

How Can Muslims Respond to the Paris Attacks?

It seems to bring back to life the hours after September...

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Hamza Yusuf

If You Don't Like the Mawlid, Watch Out!

The birthday of the Prophet, God’s peace and blessings be upon...

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Jonathan AC Brown

Free Speech à la française

Is free speech a shield raised to excuse attacks on cultural and...

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Nihal Şahin Utku

Arabia in the Pre-Islamic Period

To understand the religion that Prophet Muhammad conveyed and the effects...

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Şinasi Gündüz

Ramadan and Fasting's Global Field of Influence

In Oliver Roy's work, Globalizing Islam: The Search For a New...

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Zaid Shakir

The Sunna of Sacrificing

Eid al-Adha is called the Great Eid. It occurs at the...

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Senai Demirci

Love Knows No Command


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