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Meal times and the Sunna 14.12.2011

Betül Bozali - Hadith Researcher

Was eating dinner in the night a Sunna of the Prophet, upon him be peace?...

The Prophet Did Not Eat in the Middle of the Night

Many examples of Prophet Muhammad’s Sunna in relation to manner in which he ate have reached the present day. Salient issues in these examples include his washing his hands both before and after eating, saying ‘I...>


Who conducted the Prophet's first marriage ceremony? 05.10.2011

Associate Professor Casim Avcı - Istanbul University, Department of History

Who performed the marriage ceremony of the Prophet to his first wife Khadija? Because of its pre-Islamic period, before the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, there are some who say that the marriage was performed by the Prophet’s uncle Abu Talib. Is this correct? Can you provide any other informati...?

Where the nikah (marriage contract or ceremony) of Prophet Muhammad to Khadija is referred to in the various sources – first and foremost those dealing with the life of the Prophet (sirah) – the parties that are mentioned are in particular the Prophet’s uncle Abu Talib (toge...>


Could There Be a Sirah Diary? 05.10.2011

Prof. Kasım Şulul - Harran University, Department of Theology

Is it possible to prepare a diary-like book based on the chronological order of events in the Prophet’s life? Could there be a ‘sirah diary’ in which his life can be followed day to day?...

Within the framework of Islamic science, it is an ongoing tradition to accommodate the books of sirah either in a chronological or topical order.
There are some handicaps involved with a ‘diary like sirah book’ format. These are:


Marriage Age of Aisha 05.10.2011

Meral Günel – Theologian

Most sources indicate that Aisha was only 9 years old when the Prophet married her. How would you explain this situation?...

Aisha got married to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) before the Hijra, but their actual conjugal life started 2 years after the Hijra. When her birthday is taken into consideration, it can be deduced that she was 9–10 years old at the time of their marriage.


The names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad 05.10.2011

Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

It is stated in one hadith that calamities, illnesses, troubles, the evil-eye, jealousy, sorcery, fire and the collapse of residence will befall those who write, read or display on their walls the names and attributes of Prophet Muhammad. Similarly, misfortunes such as poverty, being poisoned and an...?

There is no known hadith to this effect. Despite the fact that there is no religious proof to this end, the belief that a house displaying the names and attributes of the prophet will not experience a calamity or that a person who carries these on them will also remain protected has become wide...>


To Live a Simple Life under the Contemporary Conditions 05.10.2011

Meral Günel - Theologian

The sources tell us that our Prophet led a very simple life. How would he have lived under the contemporary conditions?...

If the Holy Prophet (pbuh)’s life style and means of livelihood – during his entire life – are examined comparatively, the conditions of his day and the insufficiency of his financial conditions are not enough to explain his life stripped off luxury and wealth. The reason behi...>


The Eating Habits of the Messenger of Allah 05.10.2011

Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

What were Prophet Muhammad's manners when eating meals and what was his monthly nutritional intake?...

Our Prophet always lived a simple and humble life. He would distribute his income to those in need. There were times when he did not eat for days and when a single meal would not be cooked in his house for 2 months on end. He rarely ate bread made of wheat flour, and he rarely consumed barley...>


How the Prophet related to his wives 05.10.2011

Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

How was the relationship between the Prophet and his wives?...

There is information in famous sources about the relationship between the Prophet and his wives. A good deal of information is given to us about how the Prophet treated his wives and vice versa.
Prophet Muhammad was a husband who respected the rights that had ...>


The Prophet's Funeral 05.10.2011

Meral Günel - Theologian

Who led the Prophet’s funeral prayer?...

As it is stated in the sources, Ali washed the funeral of the Holy Prophet. After shrouding, it was decided to bury him in Aisha’s room. Muslims - firstly men, then women, and lastly children – performed the funeral prayer in this room in groups on their own without an imam.


The real date of the Prophet's death 05.10.2011

Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

It is known that our Prophet's date of birth is 571 A.D. He is known to have lived for 63 years. Thus, his year of death, which is known to be 632, means that he spent less than 63 years on this earth. What is the reason for this? What is the real year of the death of Prophet Muhammad?...

There are different narrations about the date of the birth of our Prophet. The most widespread and accepted date is 571, a date that is commonly cited. The discrepancy between his dates of birth, death and his age are the result of different narrations, the difference between solar and lunar ca...>