Can you give us some information about the reappearance of Prophet Jesus (pbuh), which is mentioned in Surah Zukhruf, verse 61? Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

In various hadith the reappearance of Prophet Jesus to the world is depicted as a sign of the Day of Judgment. Even though there is a difference in the content of the hadith, the main focus is Jesus' reappearance on earth. The validity of these hadith is another matter. The verse you have mentioned (Surah 43:61) was revealed in relation to the reappearance of Prophet Jesus. There are those who do not find such an interpretation to be correct. They interpret the pronoun in the verse as referring to the Qur'an, while other people interpret it as referring to Jesus - Jesus who was born without a father, who spoke in the cradle and whose speech as an infant are provided as proof of the resurrection and the afterlife. More detailed information can be found on this in various texts of tafseer. However, there needs to be more information about which information in the tafseer is the most valid.