Can you give us some information about the sources that relate the names of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)? Meral Günel - Theologian

There are names which are used in the Qur'an, in other holy books and hadith, in addition to names which the Companions of the Prophet used for him.
 Hadith scholars have allotted a section in their books to Asma-un Nabi (The Names of the Prophet); here the number of names ranges from between 99 and 2,000.
This subject is mostly dealt with in a separate section of books that describe the Prophet, although there are entire books that deal with this matter. This subject is mentioned in Keşf'uz Zunun by Katip Çelebi. Another such example is Gül-i Sad-berg-i Evrad Berâ-yı Tuhfe-i Ubbad, by Abdullah Salahi Uşşaki, which has a section devoted to the names of the Prophet.
Among sources that have been written in modern Turkish we can cite Mahbub'ul-Aşıkîn/Aşıkların Sevgilisi ve Esma-i Nebî by Handan Özduygu, as well as Şemail by Ali Yardım, and Özkan Öze's Peygamberimizin Güzel İsimleri.