How was the relationship between the Prophet and his wives? Nimet Yılmaz - Theologian

There is information in famous sources about the relationship between the Prophet and his wives. A good deal of information is given to us about how the Prophet treated his wives and vice versa.
Prophet Muhammad was a husband who respected the rights that had been granted to his wives; he fulfilled all of his material and emotional responsibilities and answered their needs. He never resorted to physical force and he attached importance and value to his wives, expressing his love for them. His wives all freely chose him as their spouse and he remained the husband of their choice throughout their life. He ensured that his wives were able to maintain their own personalities while fulfilling their duties...
Our Prophet's wives would act in ways which increased the love and affection in the relationship; they were spouses who loved and cared for their partner. There are many narrations about Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) in this light. Aisha was jealous of the Prophet's loyalty and love for his first wife, Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) and she asked Prophet Muhammad how he would describe his love for Aisha. Prophet Muhammad answered, saying: "Like a knot..." Some time later Aisha asked:  "What is a knot like?" Prophet Muhammad answered, saying: "Like the first day..."