The Prophet Muhammad (saw)
The Person


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) belongs to Adnanis that is one of the two biggest Arabic tribes. The Adnanis are also known as Ismailites named after the Prophet Ismael, the son of Abraham. While the genealogy of Prophet Muhammad that extends twenty-one generations back to Adnan is accepted reliable, even he himself has pointed to the uncertainty of the rest. The uncontested line of his genealogy that is confirmed by all Islamic sources follows Muhammad b. Abdallah b. Abd al-Muttalib b. Hashim b. Abd menaf b. Qusay b. Kilab b. Murra b. Ka’b b. Luay b. Ghalib b. Fihr b. Malik b. Nadr b. Kinana b. Khuzayma b. Mudrike b. Ilyas b. Mudar b. Nidhar b. Maad b. Adnan.

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