22.09.2015, Tuesday

The Sunna of Abraham: Sacrifice

The sacrifice, as a financial form of worship, has greater importance to the benefit of thecommunity and individuals

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Covenant of Prophet Muhammad with the Monks of Mt. Sinai

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Dr. John Andrew Morrow

The document was written in the handwriting of Imam ‘Ali during the fourth year of the Hijrah...

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The Prophetic Tradition in Islam and its Role in Constructing a Religious Identity

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Mustafa Macit Karagözoğlu

As is well known, Islam derives its principles from two main sources -its holy book, the Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

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The Compass of Our Servanthood

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Prof Mehmet Erkal

Holding the Sunna to different and scientific characterizations within itself is one thing, while viewing it as ‘the representation of a divine intervention,’ with regard to its basic function and structural unity is another more important and meaningful task.

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Problems Caused by the Reductionist Approach in Understanding the Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Salih Karacabey, PhD

The sunnah (practices of the Prophet) is a basic source of Islam and has an important role and many implications in the daily life of the believer; as such, it is important that the many studies that have been carried out should be properly..

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Human Rights in the Prophetic Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Asma Adnan Zarzour

This is the first and opening article to a series of articles investigating and highlighting the various issues of human rights in the Prophetic Sunnah: the life of Muhammad (pbuh), the last Prophet and the Messanger of Allah to all humans.

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Youth and Children in the Path of the Prophet

In the Holy Quran, some young figures and prophets who played great roles in the various periods of the history are mentioned. There were also children and youth beside Prophet Muhammad in the first years of the conveyance of Islam. While his daughter Fatima would shield him with her tiny body, Ali would revolt against the ignoramus values of his society by adopting the "religion of his uncle" and Arkam would open his house to be used as headquarters of the Prophet and his friends with courage far beyond that of older people.

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Social Unification from the Revelation to the Sunna

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Özcan Güngör, PhD

The Quran generally reports a variety of processes which make up the historical experiences of various societies. These historical events, which are described to provide a lesson for people and as a way to make them think, despite occurring at different times and in different social structures, show the same divine goal.

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The Eating Habits of God's Messenger

Image What were Prophet Muhammad's manners when eating meals and what was his monthly nutritional intake?

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Understanding and Following the Sunna of the Prophet

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Sunnah / Salahattin Polat, PhD

It is necessary to dwell upon the problem of understanding the sunnah in its true meaning, as there is some confusion about this term. We believe that such misunderstandings of the sunnah have a vital role not only in difficulties in following the sunnah, but also in the recent heated debate about the function and importance of sunnah in religion.

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