The Last Days of the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad became ill after he had returned to Medina from the Farewell Pilgrimage. During these days, he visited the martyrs of Uhud and performed their funeral prayers. One night, he went to the Jannat al-Baqi graveyard and prayed to God for their forgiveness.

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The real date of the Prophet's death

Image What is the real year of the death of Prophet Muhammad?

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The Prophet's Funeral

ImageWho led the Prophet’s funeral prayer?

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To Accept the Former Prophets

ImageThe Holy Prophet is the last prophet. But what does it mean to accept that the former prophets also brought Islam to their tribes?

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Image of Prophet Muhammad in the West

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / Özcan Hıdır, PhD

From the 12th century on, works by non-Muslims about the life of Prophet Muhammad began to appear alongside the works of Muslim scholars and researchers. Since the 19th century, with the help of the orientalists, a wide literature in this field has appeared.

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References to Prophet Muhammad in Divine Texts

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / Lejla Demiri, PhD

There can be no doubt about the difficulty in examining such a broad and extensive subject as the references to Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, in divine texts in a brief and rather limited article. For this reason, there is a need to clearly determine the limits of this study.

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Wahy and Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / M. Zeki Duman, PhD

Wahy (revelation), which literally means ‘to speak fast and secretly', ‘to command', ‘to inspire', ‘to imply or to refer to' or ‘to send a messenger' in Arabic, is a supernatural and mystic phenomenon that is described in the science of Islamic exegesis (tafsir) as revelation from God to His messengers in a manner, the nature of which is unknown to us.

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The Prophet's Role in Receiving and Practicing the Revelation

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / Cağfer Karadaş, PhD

Due to the fact that it may be difficult for ordinary people to directly receive the Divine message, owing to their nature and position, the message has been sent from the Divine world into the human world via angels to a human prophet, and the revelation has been simplified to a level at which it can be understood by human beings.

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Transcription of the Quran

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / Muhittin Akgül, PhD

The Quran was revealed to Muhammad who was brought up as an illiterate in an uneducated society. Therefore, when he became the Prophet, he paid special attention to guarding the revelations and spreading them to others. The order followed that he would first learn them by heart and then transmit them to other people around him.

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The Companions' Efforts to Memorize and Transcribe the Quran

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) / Prophethood / Muhittin Akgül, PhD

Here we attempt to identify the reasons behind the ability of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad to protect the Quran and the sunnah (practices of the Prophet) and pass them on to the next generations without any omissions or additions.

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