The Wives of the Prophet

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Betül Yılmazörnek

In Arabic, the phrase Azwaj-i-Tahirat means “the pure wives” and refers to the women to whom Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was married. Although the Prophet was married to only one woman during the Meccan period..

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At What Age did Aisha Marry the Prophet?

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Reşit Haylamaz

When covering the life of Prophet Muhammad, one of the most debatable topics is that of the age of his wife Aisha when the two married. Her alleged very young age has been used in smear campaigns against the Prophet.

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A Portrait of Umm Habiba – A Mother of the Believers

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Adem Apak, PhD

Given the name Ramlah at birth, she was known as Umm Habibah due to the name of her first child. She was the daughter of Abu Sufyan, a member of Banu Umayyah, one of the most important tribes of Mecca. Her mother was..

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Dihya Bin Khalifa al Kalbi

The Companions / The Companions / Adem Apak, PhD

There is not enough information about the post hijra life of Dihya bin Khalifa (r.a.), who is originally from Southern Arabia and later made a home for himself around the region of Damascus as member of the Kalb tribe. What is known however.. 

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Ali in Sufi Culture

The Companions / The Companions / Kadir Özköse, PhD

Strong affection was shown to Ali because of the praise given to him by Prophet Muhammad. As a matter of fact, Ali was a figure who deeply affected Islamic Sufi thought. His intellect, morality, asceticism and taqwa (piety), in other words the importance he gave to religious life, have been taken as examples by Sufis.

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Marriage Age of Aisha

ImageMost sources indicate that Aisha was only 9 years old when the Prophet married her. How would you explain this situation?

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Zaynab bint Jahsh: Wife of the Prophet and Mother of the Believers

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Emine Gümüş Böke, PhD

Zaynab married Prophet Muhammad in the fifth year of Hijra. Zaynab, who was given the title "Umm-ul Hakam," is among the first female companions of the Prophet to have migrated to Medina.

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Zaynab's marriage to Prophet Muhammad

The Companions / The Prophet's Wives / Emine Gümüş Böke, PhD

Muhammad Asad (d. 1992) and Suleyman Ateş state that our Prophet's aim in this marriage was to put into practice the new ruling on the divorced wives of step children in addition to fulfilling a moral obligation through honoring Zaynab.

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Ahl Al-Badr

The Companions / The Companions /

Ahl al-Badr or Ashab al-Badr (The Badr Companions) is the general name given to the companions of Prophet Muhammad who participated in the Battle of Badr, the first great battle in Islamic history.

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Ansar (The Helpers)

The Companions / The Companions /

The word ansar means 'helper' in Arabic, while the word ansari refers to a person who helps. But as a term, the Ansar were the people Medina who supported Prophet Muhammad and the muhajirun (Emigrants) when they emigrated from Mecca to Medina.

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