Rare copy of Qur'an on display at British Museum

The British Museum witnessed the installation of one of the oldest known copies of the Holy Qur’an from the 8th century as an exhibit for a major Islamic exhibition.

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When love for the Prophet becomes art

A thriving hub of cultural enrichment, Ottoman İstanbul was renowned for its glorification of the beauty of Islam through art.

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On 'Planting a Seedling'

"Even if the end of time is upon you and you have a seedling in your hand, plant it!" I first encountered this Prophetic Tradition years ago in a Friday sermon “on the occasion of Forest Week.” In the following years, I came to understand that these words are constantly cited via this unfitting correlation.

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The Prophet of Islam and his Western Admirers

London-based Muslim newspaper 'The Muslim Post' has published an in-depth review of a new scholarly work by an academic about the Western admirers of Muhammad.

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British Teenager Wins Faith Short Award for Prophet Film

Fourteen-year-old British student Amna Aslam won the action category for her film “Muhammad in Accrington…Inspiring Me” at the 2nd Annual Film Shorts Film Awards at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in London.

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Book on Prophet set to break records

The biggest book in the world on the biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), set to be unveiled in Dubai, hopes to make its entry into the Guinness World Records.

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The Conscience of a Society

Last week, Lastprophet.info attended the 1st Global Congress for Muslim Public Relations Practitioners held in Kuala Lumpur, where we were awarded the First Global Muslim Public Relations Excellence Award.

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Muslim PR professionals need to 'unpack' the Prophetic example

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Muslims need to unpack the notion that Prophet Muhammad’s behavior was the Qur’an, founding Chairman of New York’s Cordoba initiative Imam Feisal Abd Rauf has said.

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Muslim Journalists Urged to Apply Prophet's Principles

Veteran Indonesian journalist Parni Hadi urged Muslim journalists to apply principles set out by Prophet Muhammad in their work to enhance their credibility.

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International Award

Meridyen Association receives international award for public relations excellence...

read more 08.12.2011, Thursday


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