Exclusive Interview with Harvey Cox / Interviews / Ahsen Utku - Zeynep Alp

Upon the release of his new book, The Future of Faith which explores three important trends in Christianity's 2000 years, Harvey Cox discusses faith, dogma, dialogue and perennial philosophy with during his visit to Istanbul.

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The Responsibility of the Islamic World / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

Born in Algeria, former international UNESCO official (1978-2002) Professor Rachid Benaissa is a significant Muslim intellectual who has influenced generations with his ideas and seminars since the 1960s.

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Leaders Should Invest in the Youth / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

Islamophobia and the problems of the Islamic world are among the main issues of the contemporary world. However, the perception of the youth is as important as the elder generations since it is the youth who is going to reconfigure the world.

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Fighting Islamophobia in the West / Interviews / Ahsen Utku

Islamophobia is one of the most troubling issues of today's world which obstruct the development of inter-religious relationships based on dialogue and understanding and it is being questioned again and again..

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Born With a Pen: Expressing the Prophet through Islamic Calligraphy

Turkish calligraphy artist Ali Hüsrevoğlu discusses the inspiration behind his work and his disposition toward 'the pen.'

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Abdal Hakim Murad on Ramadan and Eid in England / Interviews /

In some British towns Ramadan is very noticeable. In cities like Leeds and Leicester, Muslims are over a quarter of the population, and everyone knows about the fast. I live in Cambridge, where the community is smaller..

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Ramadan in the United States / Interviews / F. Betül Özer

There's a great deal of diversity in terms of how Ramadan is celebrated in the U.S. Each ethnic group brings its own customs and traditions to the table. Like Muslims in other countries, our mosques have various services during Ramadan.

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In the Shadow of the Past: Ramadan in the Balkans / Interviews / Zeynep S. Doğruer

"The Balkans have been and still are a space in which different religious and cultural traditions are intermingled. In fact, there is a saying that one encounters in literature sometimes; the Balkans are an enigma, and this sounds about right."

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Going Forward Towards Islam / Interviews / Zeynep S. Doğruer

Nora Seghier-Naber (42), born in Nieuw-Weerdinge, the Netherlands, is a journalist and a teacher as well. She is now holding the position of the director of Islamic primary school.  She also owns a company about educational toys for (Muslim) children.

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"The Other Qur'an": Bosnian Scholar discusses the Prophet Muhammad / Interviews / Zeynep S. Doğruer

Professor of Quranic exegesis, poet and author of the Bosnian National Anthem, Cemaleddin Latic discusses the role of Islam and perceptions of the Prophet Muhammad in Bosnian society.

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