Friday Sermon: Characteristics of the Believer in Islam

God did not create mankind in vain; he granted him intellect and conscience and tasked him with the responsibilities of faith and worship. Allah holds mankind subject to the test of the life of this world.

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Friday Sermon: Understanding the Qur’an

Folders / Friday Sermons / İsmail YILDIZ, Örencik Township Yeni Mosque imam and preacher

God has never left mankind alone, from the time of the Prophet Adam until the present, providing support with many prophets and books. The last of this chain of prophets is the Prophet Muhammad. And the last of these books is the book which was revealed to him: the Holy Qur’an.

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Friday Sermon: Conduct (Adab) in Islam

Folders / Friday Sermons / Süleyman ALTINTAŞ, Ulu Mosque imam and preacher, KÜTAHYA

God, who created the universe with immaculate concordance and order, created man, from among all creatures, in the most beautiful of forms, making him responsible for good conduct in addition to faith and good deeds.

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Friday Sermon: Attributes of the Believer

Folders / Friday Sermons / Kadir Korkmaz, Mehmet Zahit Kotku Mosque M-K (The Istanbul Mufti Directorate)

The reason for our creation is belief in Allah according to the teachings of our religion, and to engage in His servitude. The faith our religion teaches us is not composed of theory alone. Faith is our most important spiritual treasure.

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Friday Sermon: Islam and Knowledge

Folders / Friday Sermons / Şehri KARAKAYA (MAMAK Boğaziçi Merkez Mosque, imam and speaker)

Islam has not decreed that those who know and those who do not are one, and consequently, its first command was, “Read.” Islam views the pursuit of knowledge as more valuable than voluntary worship.

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Friday Sermon: Respect for the Prophets

Folders / Friday Sermons / Veli Eroğlu

Man is an exalted creature, responsible for overseeing God's commands on earth. And God has supported man throughout via the prophets which He has sent, and has reminded them of their duties. This is only one of the favors of Allah upon mankind.

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Introduction To Islam -Part IV

Folders / Others / Fatma Bayram

In a Muslim's daily life, it is important when with family or friends, to pay careful attention to the planning of worship, doing charity, and demonstrating good behavior as a means of education. For example, when making plans to go out with..

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Friday Sermon-Tawakkul and Taking Precaution

Folders / Friday Sermons / Yusuf ACAR (Central Ankara preacher)

Tawakkul (Reliance is seeking  refuge in and trusting Allah -- after taking all precautions. In other words, tawakkul is obeying Allah after there is nothing else left to do following the fulfillment of all material requirements for meeting one's goal, thus leaving the rest to Allah.

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Introduction To Islam -Part III

Folders / Others / Fatma Bayram

Reading the Qur’an can result in mental discord regarding a certain subject. A ruling on a certain matter may contradict our egos. Certain memories or past experiences may cause a sudden loss of faith. No matter what the excuse, we may..

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Lost in Translation

Folders / Conversions / Peter Gray

Changing the way we talk about Islam could go a long way toward cultivating a sense of belonging among these brothers and sisters, and deepening their personal connection to Islam. Whether we were born as Muslims or embraced the..

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