Islamic Devices on Sale: “ADD TO CART”

With dazzling speed, electronic and digital Islamic products have started to stretch beyond the boundaries of the imagination; they are now mobilizing the markets as well as helping people carry out their religious duties.

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The Question of Online Fatwas

Together with the increasing use of the Internet by Muslim community, the online fatwas, or religious decrees have also become popular. In fact, they have become the new, easily accessible alternative for the Muslim community in the place of mosques and other such conventional religious centers.

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I Bet I Can Find

Facebook is one of those spheres where feelings towards Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), positive or negative, can be expressed in the most exaggerated way. Far reflecting academic currents, Facebook groups establish an important trend to follow,

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A New Form of Activism: Message Bombardment in Web Forums

The integration of the Islamic way of thinking and living with modern communication and the Internet has created a new aspect to the socialization process for Muslims and a new form of communication for people from different religions and cultures.

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Religion in the Virtual World

The internet has become an indispensable and necessary part of our lives. Whereas communication without the internet has become nearly impossible, encyclopedias are now almost nostalgic items in the library..

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Why Hajj?

There is a connection between what the believer obtains during hajj and the ritual thatis performed. A point that needs to be made here is that the place where the hajj is performed and the place that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the first Muslims lived is the same...

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History cannot exhaust the Character of Prophet Muhammad

Folders / Conversions / F. Betül Özer

Adam Juhasz (21) became Muslim in 2008. He lives in Budapest, Hungary and works with Turkish businessmen as an interpreter (Turkish, English, Hungarian). He told how he had become Muslim..

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Love and More Love is the Prophet's Way

Folders / Conversions / Zeynep S. Doğruer

Robby Ramazan Verburg (45), born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is an accountant. He currently resides in the Netherlands. He embraced Islam about 6-7 years ago. 

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Unparalleled Humility and Compassion

Folders / Conversions / Sister Noor

Sister Noor has her Masters Degree from Georgetown University in Contemporary Arab Studies. She notes that she accepted or "reverted" to Islam 28 years ago upon reading the Holy Qur'an.

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The Life Changing Wisdom of Forty Hadith

Folders / Conversions / Najla İlhan

"Najla" T. Ilhan has a bachelor's in business administration, is a wife, mother of two, and enjoys sports and doing volunteer work at her children's school in her free time.

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