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Ramadan and Fasting's Global Field of Influence

In Oliver Roy's work, Globalizing Islam: The Search For a New Ummah (London: Hurst and Company 2004), he tried to take up new perspectives Muslims are following generally in the world that fall between Westernization and Neo-fundamentalism.

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Exploring the Truth within Cinema

The ummah of Prophet Muhammad keeps their desire for seeing him until the next world, and shuns any attempts to imprison him in the shallowness of an image; this being the case, we were curious how he had been represented in film. Here we go...

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Being a part of an Umma

What is the feeling that makes one feel part of the Muslim ummah? What brings about this feeling, a feeling which eliminates excludes all unnecessary attachments and makes one feel a part of a whole, leaving all appendages such as race, culture, income, etc. irrelevant?

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The Wholeness of the Sunna

Muhammad / The Sunna / İsmail Lütfi Çakan, PhD

There is diversity among people in the world who have been called to Islam. It is normal that every segment has felt a need for a guide according to the demands of the time. For this reason, in order to meet all the needs..

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Al-Muhajirun (The Emigrants)

The Companions / The Companions /

Muhajir refers to a person who leaves his / her place of residence or country to live elsewhere. The plural form of Muhajir, namely Muhajirun, as a term, refers to those early Muslims who believed in Prophet Muhammad after he started the call to Islam.

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