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Ekrem Demirli: "There Is No Voice above the Voice of the Prophet" / Interviews / Interview: Ruhan Umut

We have visited Prof. Ekrem Demirli, founder of the School of Classical Thinking in Iskender Baba Dervish Lodge, which hosts the School in Üsküdar, Istanbul. We have made an interview with him about Mawlana’s (Rumi) vision of death, sheb-i arus (the wedding night), and the Prophet.

read more 10.01.2017, Tuesday

Mawlana's Love and Devotion for Prophet Muhammad

Arts & Culture / Sufism / İbrahim Emiroğlu, PhD

Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273) is a soldier and volunteer (on the path of Truth) who dedicated his life to knowledge, wisdom, and virtue; in short, devoted to Allah and humanity, taking the beautiful morality of the Prophet as his example...

read more 21.08.2013, Wednesday

Imam Afroz Ali at the Rihla 2013

The lifestory of the Prophet is incredibly important, and is the basis on which we should understand our own lives. Today, this is a dying science – Sirah has become a book which is found in a library or on a bookshelf, when in fact it should be part and parcel of our own lives...

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Between the left and right brain: the limits of reason

Arts & Culture / Sufism / Muhammad Hüdayi (Stuart Clark)

Left-brain wisdom allows us to perceive the true nature of things, their forms in the language of Plato. In contrast, hedonism asks us to forget left-brain concepts such as guilt and conscience and concentrate on the pleasure of living in the moment. I argue, perhaps controversially, that Sufi mystics combine aspects of these two ideas.

read more 21.03.2012, Wednesday