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The last living 'Sahibi'

Visiting a tree where it is believed the boy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) met the Christian monk Buhira.

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Prophet Muhammad's Relationships with his Family and Relatives

Muhammad / Social Life / M. Bahauddin Varol, PhD

Prophet Muhammad set up principles based on the Quran to create an order in social life. A few of these principles include the brotherhood of all Muslims, helping one another and solidarity amongst people as well as putting up a shared stand against injustice.

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The Understanding of Prophethood in Judaism

Islam / Eldar Hasanov

In the Jewish tradition as well, the institution of prophethood is amongst the basic institutions. This work addresses not the prophetic tradition in Judaism, but its conceptualization of prophethood in the abstract.

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Prophet Abraham

Muhammad / Prophethood / Ömer Faruk Harman, PhD

There is more information about Prophet Abraham than about most other prophets in the Torah, in Jewish literature in general, in Christian literature, in the Quran, and in Islamic literature; Prophet Abraham is seen as a forefather by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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Prophethood and the Prophet Muhammad in Divine Religions

Muhammad / Prophethood / Osman Cilacı, PhD

The Qur’an’s decree that “To Allah belongs the task of guiding aright, whereas there are also paths of evil,” briefly touches upon the institution of messengership; and this basic need was answered through the institutions of messengership and prophethood.

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How is Prophet Muhammad Introduced in the Qur’an?

Muhammad / Prophethood / İsmail Karagöz, PhD

The Qur’an instructs and guides us in every aspect of life. introduces us to Prophet Muhammad and informs us of his characteristics. In this article, we will be examining ten of the Prophet’s characteristics mentioned in the Qur’an. 

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A Living Model of Spiritual Perfection: Prophet Muhammad

Folders / Conversion / F. Betül Özer

Ramon Hegedus was born in 1982 in Hungary. He has been married to a Hungarian Muslim woman for 3 years. He earned a Master and a PhD degree in biological physics at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest.

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From "Dialogue" to "Living Together With Differences" / Interviews /

Professor Sinasi Gunduz not only brings new dimensions to the concept of dialogue, but with other studies in the area of religious history he evaluates the concept of prophethood by taking into account the Christian view.

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What is the Significance of a Non-Muslim Accepting the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad?

On occasion, one aspect that comes to the fore during discussions about relationships between religions and dialogue is how non-Muslims view the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The following questions often come up...

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The Role of Prophets in Religion

In a classification made based on the belief in prophets, it is possible to make two categories: those religions that give a place to prophets and those that do not. In this kind of classification it can be seen that a significant number of religions...

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